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Benefits for Members and Providers

Member and Provider Benefits

Meaningful encouragement from our providers to our members is imperative to the long-term success of WellCare BabySteps, so your support of the program is crucial.

 Be sure to remind members about the incentives available to them, including:

The Healthy Rewards Program

Completion of prenatal, post-partum, and baby’s 0-15-month well-child visits earn members a gift card, plus other great incentives like a stroller, playpen, car seat or six-pack of diaper. This program is designed to ensure that members see their doctor and take steps for themselves and their baby to live well.

With WellCare BabySteps, providers earn monetary incentives based on maternity indicators, including risk assessment forms, screenings, and visits.

Convenient in-home nurse visits

At no additional cost to the member.

Transportation Services

Services are available to and/or from health appointments.

A Care Management Team

Available 24/7 to help our members understand their pregnancy, health conditions and assist with their needs. Joining WellCare BabySteps also lets members get regular contact from their care manager/care coordinator, based on their risk level.

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