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Electronic Claims

WellCare encourages providers to submit claims electronically via electronic data interchange (EDI) or direct data entry (DDE). Both are less costly than billing with paper and often enable quicker claims processing.

  • Connect Center ™ for physicians offers a web browser for direct data entry (DDE) or batch upload capability at no cost to you. To sign up go to: https://physician.connectcenter.changehealthcare.comFor registry questions submitter/clients may contact Provider Connectivity Services at 1-877-411-7271. Direct questions regarding functionality of Connect Center should be directed to the Clearinghouse at 1-800-527-8133, option 2.
    • Providers will be required to enter a credit card upon initial enrollment to verify them as a valid submitter.
    • Only WellCare submissions are free of charge and please ensure you use vendor code 212750 when you register.
    • Providers are required to use the WellCare Payer ID 14163 for FFS submissions sent through Connect Center.
  • Change Healthcare, formerly known as RelayHealth, manages all EDI claims between WellCare and providers. If you need assistance making a connection with Change Healthcare or have any questions, please contact Change Healthcare directly at 1-877-411-7271, or your vendor may call 1-800-527-8133.
  • All Fee-For-Service (FFS) providers and vendors must send claims through a clearinghouse.

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Last Updated On: 1/14/2019