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New Portal Features: iCarePath Claim Appeals and Disputes

We are always looking for ways to improve the experience of our provider portal users. We are excited to reveal the newest enhancement to our provider portal that will help streamline your work:  

iCarePath Claim Appeals and Disputes

Upon the completion of these enhancements on 12/30/20, Medicare providers will be able to view the status of claim appeals and disputes.

This applies to claim appeal and disputes only.

We have also made user interface enhancements for the appeal and dispute form. These enhancements include:

  • A combined appeal and dispute form (before this there was a separate form for appeals and disputes)
  • Updated “additional” content/context throughout the form to help make the submission process easier for providers
  • Pre-populated member and servicing provider information
  • Confirmation message with ticket number for applicable iCarePath LOBs
  • New “Appeal” and “Dispute” tabs on the claims landing page that will allow providers to search for the status of their appeal or dispute by provider ID or ticket number

Download our helpful guide for more information.

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