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ONECare Migration

Effective on Jan. 1, 2019, ONECare will integrate into WellCare Health Plans, Inc. systems and platforms. You can review all communications and required changes related to the integration here.

Authorization Lookup Tool

Beginning Jan.1, 2019, providers can navigate to the Providers section in the Main Menu at the top of every page to find the Authorization Lookup Tool.

Secure Provider Portal

Our all-new provider portal is here. You have access to a portal that streamlines your work, keeps you up-to-date more than ever before and provides critical information. We have a variety of video training available so you can learn about all the features available.

View Highlights of the New Portal:

ONECare Migration Documents

Contains key phone numbers and information on claims, appeals and more.

As part of our integration into our new parent, WellCare, and our migration to WellCare’s claims payment system, we have changes underway that we want to share with you.

As we integrate into WellCare and migrate to WellCare’s claims payment system, we are partnering with PaySpan®, a company with more than 25 years of experience in developing payment solutions.

WellCare is implementing a new quality review for Medicare members. This review pertains to radiation therapy procedures and medical oncology services.

Provider Portal Training Guides

This role lets you control all activity within the self-service provider portal as it pertains to your contract with WellCare.

The new provider portal has roles to accommodate different job functions in provider offices. Each role allows users to access a designated set of tools and features in the portal.

Provider Portal Reference Guide

To register (get a username and password), please visit the account registration page.

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