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Member Communication Calendar

Learn about communications being sent to our members regarding health campaigns and incentives. This helpful information details our scheduled member messaging covering everything from upcoming appointments with their PCP to blood pressure check reminders.

Fourth Quarter: 2022

Date: October, 2022

Breast Cancer Screening: Text Message

This SMS will be sent to members to provider them an update that they should schedule their yearly mammogram.

Date: October, 2022

Diabetes: Email

This email encourages members to visit their doctor to learn how to monitor blood sugar levels. 

Date: November, 2022

Osteoporosis: Push Notification

This push notification reminds members to speak with their doctor regarding bone and joint health.

Date: November, 2022

High Blood Pressure: Text Message

This is a text sent to adult members that have high blood pressure, reminding them to get it routinely checked by their PCP.

Date: November, 2022

Colorectal Cancer Screening: Text Message

This text will be sent to members to encourage them to schedule a colon cancer screening with their doctor.

Date: December, 2022

Medication Adherence: Push Notification

This push notification reminds patients to take their medications as their doctor prescribes and provides tips.

Date: December, 2022

Annual Wellness Visit: Email

This email reminds members to schedule their annual wellness visit.

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